Choosing a Caterer for Your Wedding in San Diego, CA

Make Every Detail Complement Your Vision

When you think about your wedding, do you picture a black-tie affair? A casual evening filled with dancing and laughing? Maybe it’s somewhere in between formal and relaxed. Will the dresses complement the suits? And how does food fit into your big day?

What’s for certain is that you want all the elements to be cohesive from beginning to end. That’s why it’s important to consider the big picture before signing any contracts and paying the deposit. That way, you won’t end up with beach attire at a barnyard wedding.

In Southern California, you can always count on Casanova Fish Tacos to be the perfect fit. Whether you’re thinking about tacos for your rehearsal dinner, or as the wedding’s main course, appetizer, or a late night snack, our fish tacos will give your guests one more reason to remember your unforgettable evening.

The Menu and Your Venue

When choosing a venue, you should already be thinking about what kind of food you want. Some venues only work with certain caterers which often stay within their city limits. Casanova Fish Tacos delivers top-notch Baja Style Cuisine to Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. We’ll always go the extra mile to accommodate you on your big day, no matter where it is.

You’ll want to choose your venue and caterer at the same time. This will ensure mutual communication so they can coordinate the details ahead of time. Your venue and caterer are crucial components to your event and should be at the top of your to-do list. Once you’ve chosen these vendors, all the details will begin to come together and your vision will come to life.

How to Choose Your Caterer

Your big day is all about making memories that will last. The catering details will play a major role in the way your wedding is remembered. 

You can start by asking friends, family, and newlyweds about their personal experiences with vendors or memorable food from weddings they’ve attended. If you have a favorite restaurant, asking them to cater your wedding can also be an excellent choice. Popular business review sites, such as Yelp or Google, are also a great way to look for potential candidates.

Our owner, Hector Casanova, prepares the highest quality of food to blend in seamlessly with your flawless evening. He understands the importance of a professional, pointed execution and is committed to ensuring every detail is tended to. 

With over 10 years in business, Mr. Casanova has a loyal following of locals who can’t live without the fresh flavors in our delicious tacos. We’ve catered many satisfied wedding parties and we’re excited to work with you to make your vision a reality.

With 300 Yelp reviews and counting, Casanova Fish Tacos has maintained a 5-star rating for a memorable experience and of course, our mouthwatering fish tacos.


Common Questions for Potential Caterers

Planning a wedding is hard work and you’ll want to spend your time wisely. When choosing a caterer, it’s essential  to prepare an estimate of the number of guests attending and have a budget in mind. 

This will help you screen the vendors prior to making an appointment for a tasting. A simple phone call will help determine if they’re a good candidate or if they’re outside of your budget. 

Here are a list of questions you’ll want to ask potential caterers:

  • Do you have our wedding date available?
  • Have you ever catered at our venue?
  • Can you provide an estimate based on my current headcount?
  • Can you handle allergies and special requests?
  • Do you have any other events that day?
  • Will you set up, tear down, and clean up your space?
  • Is your menu customizable?
  • When will you need a final headcount?
  • Is your food plated, buffet-style, or family-style?
  • Do you offer a bartending service?
  • What are the portion sizes?
  • Do you include dinnerware or china?
  • What’s your cancellation policy?

Don’t Forget The Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is your guests’ first impression of what’s to come and you’ll want to make it a savory introduction. As the name suggests, the food will bring people together for a momentous occasion– to celebrate the future bride and groom. 

Choosing the right vendor for the evening is a crucial piece of the puzzle and will ensure the evening goes smoothly. As everyone is being introduced, you can focus on getting them acquainted, instead of wondering if all the food was brought out. 

Casanova Fish Tacos can deliver on our promise to craft food that’s delicious and executed with professionalism. We’ll always make sure our dishes are served warm with the freshest ingredients so you can focus on your guests and leave the food to us.

Set the Tone With Tacos On Your Wedding Day

Whether you want to set the tone with a taco appetizer, indulge in our dishes for your main course, or enjoy a late night taco treat, Casanova Fish Tacos will be  the perfect addition to your special day or rehearsal dinner. Give us a call at  (619) 822-8310 and we’ll discuss the details to make your events extra special.